Highland Park is an affluent and prestigious town located within Dallas County, Texas. Situated just north of downtown Dallas, Highland Park is known for its elegant architecture, luxurious estates, top-notch schools, beautiful parks, and a strong sense of community. It is often regarded as one of the most exclusive and desirable residential areas in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

History and Establishment: Highland Park was established in 1913 as a planned community by John S. Armstrong and Wilbur David Cook. The developers aimed to create a beautiful and upscale neighborhood that would attract affluent residents. The town’s planning and zoning regulations have been meticulously upheld over the years, contributing to the preservation of its historic charm and high property values.

Luxurious Real Estate: Highland Park is renowned for its grand homes and luxurious estates. The neighborhood features a mix of architectural styles, including Tudor Revival, Spanish Eclectic, Georgian, and Mediterranean-inspired designs. Many of the residences are situated on large, meticulously landscaped lots, offering privacy and an air of exclusivity.

The neighborhood’s stunning architecture and meticulous attention to detail have made it a sought-after location for individuals seeking upscale living with a touch of historic charm. The tree-lined streets, well-maintained lawns, and beautiful gardens contribute to the town’s picturesque appearance.

Education: One of the primary reasons families are drawn to Highland Park is its outstanding school district, the Highland Park Independent School District (HPISD). HPISD consistently ranks among the top school districts in the state and the nation. The district includes exemplary elementary, middle, and high schools, providing top-quality education to the town’s young residents.

Recreation and Parks: Highland Park boasts several beautiful parks and green spaces, providing residents with opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation. Armstrong Park, Davis Park, and Lakeside Park are popular destinations for picnics, sports, and leisurely strolls. Lakeside Park, in particular, is known for its stunning landscaping and iconic feature—the picturesque “Exall Lake.”

Exall Lake is a tranquil, man-made body of water surrounded by lush greenery and scenic walking paths. The park’s centerpiece is the renowned “Prather Fountain,” a bronze statue of a young boy holding a large fish, which has become a beloved symbol of Highland Park.

Community Spirit and Safety: Highland Park fosters a strong sense of community, with residents actively participating in various neighborhood associations and community events. Local organizations and clubs, such as the Highland Park Women’s Club, contribute to the town’s vibrant social life. The town also takes pride in its dedicated police and fire departments, ensuring safety and security for its residents.

Shopping and Dining: Highland Park Village, located within the town, is a historic shopping center and a renowned destination for upscale shopping and dining experiences. Opened in 1931, Highland Park Village is one of the country’s first planned shopping centers. It offers a mix of high-end boutiques, restaurants, and cafes, making it a popular spot for locals and visitors alike.

Highland Park is an exclusive and prestigious town in Dallas County, Texas, known for its luxurious real estate, top-notch schools, beautiful parks, and strong sense of community. The neighborhood’s elegant architecture, picturesque landscapes, and vibrant social scene make it a highly sought-after destination for affluent individuals and families seeking an upscale lifestyle with a touch of historic charm.


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