Detroit Opera House is a beautiful building located in the heart of Detroit MI. It’s a popular tourist attraction that many people visit for its architecture and history.

The opera house was opened on October 20, 1922, with a production of “Faust” starring Marguerite Namara, which was attended by President Warren G Harding. Not only is it an important piece of history but also has an extremely rich architectural design with Byzantine-style details including mosaics, paintings, and even marble statues.

Here are seven amazing reasons you should visit Detroit Opera House:

1. Architectural marvel

The architecture of the opera house is one reason why people visit. It was designed by architect C. Howard Crane also designed other theaters around the world including Radio City Music Hall and Fox Theater in Detroit, and State Theater in Cleveland, Ohio.

2. Rich history

The building has hosted numerous presidents, prime ministers, and royalty throughout the years. There are also many famous conductors to have performed there including Arturo Toscanini, George Szell, Grace Bumbry, and Sarah Caldwell.

3. Experience world-class performances

The theatre is recognized for its high-quality productions in opera, ballet, and musical theater since opening its doors over 90 years ago. Many of the leading dancers have graced the opera house’s stage including Natalia Makarova, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Rudolf Nureyev just to name a few.

4. Extensive Art Collection

From ceiling mosaics to sculptures there are 19 art panels dedicated to different themes throughout Detroit Opera House which are all fascinating pieces of artwork to see.

5. Detroit’s Cultural Landmark

In 1978, the opera house was registered as a National Historic Landmark by the United States Department of Interior and is one of only six theaters in the country to receive this honor.

6. Iconic building

The opera house is an iconic part of Detroit’s skyline and can easily be seen from a distance. The foyer of the opera house is a great place to take photos and get an up-close look at the intricate artwork including mosaics, paintings, and statues.

7. Spectacular performance

The lighting in front of the Detroit Opera House during Christmas time has been featured on national television which makes it a great photo opportunity for visitors.

In conclusion, the Detroit Opera House is a beautiful building with an important history and exquisite architectural details that everyone should visit when in the city. Detroit Opera House is a popular tourist destination in Detroit due to its rich history, architectural marvels, world-class performances, extensive art collection, iconic buildings, and spectacular performances.

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