What is Direct Cremation?

A Direct Cremation is when the body of the deceased is cremated shortly after death without any time of viewing, visitation, or funeral or memorial service of any kind. Because there is no need to set up funeral arrangements, or pay for all the additional costs associated with the more traditional services, direct cremation is both the quickest and the most economic form of cremation available.

Basic Features of Direct Cremation

Oftentimes, people mistakenly that the term “Direct Cremation” means the deceased is taken from the place of death directly to the crematory. This is not the case. Death Certificates, contracts and state required permits must all be completed before the cremation can actually take place or be scheduled, often several days later.

Direct Cremation Cost

Direct cremation is the least expensive disposition option, as the most expensive purchases—casket, preparing the body, funeral service, extensive transportation—are avoided. In addition, some funeral homes may charge a lower Basic Services Fee  for direct cremation. If you are interested in saving money, it’s worth calling a number of different funeral homes and crematoriums to find one with a lower direct cremation Basic Services Fee.

How to Arrange a Direct Cremation?

In most cases, the staff at the crematory will be able handle all aspects of the cremation, including completing the death certificate and transporting the body to the crematory for a nominal fee. In addition, a crematory will often charge a fraction of the price that a funeral home would charge for the same services.

You may also work with a funeral home to plan a direct cremation. The funeral home will complete the death certificate and transport the body to the crematory for a small fee, in addition to the Basic Services Fee that they will charge for their services.

Why Choose Eternal Cremations?

Eternal Cremations is your trusted provider of Cremation services. Since we focus solely on Cremation – and leave funerals, burials and ceremonies to others – we can offer cost-effective Direct Cremation services without sacrificing the dignity or solemnity of your love one.

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