The Detroit Historical Museum opened its doors on December 14, 2017, and it has become one of the most talked-about attractions in Detroit. This article will outline 8 reasons why you need to pay this museum a visit as soon as possible.

1) Interactive exhibits

Visitors can learn all about automotive innovations, historical protests, and sit-ins, and refugee experiences throughout history. There is even an area where visitors can construct their own car using recycled materials! This museum hosts so many interactive displays that there isn’t enough time to see it all in one day. Seriously, if we tried we couldn’t do it!

2) Michigan’s largest theater screen

IMAX technology has been applied to the museum’s theater and it is now home to Michigan’s largest screen. You’ll be able to see much more than a movie as this screen will allow you to take in the vast Detroit skyline like never before. The film that is currently playing also gives much-needed context as it shows exactly what areas of town were affected during African American migration and immigration throughout history.

3) Detroiter cafe

Not only does this museum offers visitors interactive exhibits but they also have their very own restaurant! To make things even better, they serve local food which you know your taste buds are going to love. From fried chicken sandwiches to pierogi bowls there really is something for everyone here!

4) Collections

The Detroit Historical Museum has the largest collection of people’s history in the world. They have specific collections about African Americans, women, and gays who all had to fight back throughout history. Some of these objects are so rare that many visitors simply don’t get to see them! This museum also houses an enormous archive featuring newspaper articles, films, books, and magazines for you to explore too.

5) History never gets old

People often find themselves avoiding things that are not ‘cool’ or ‘popular’. Well, this museum is anything but uncool! It talks about people that thrived during some very dark times just like today. You can learn a lot from what previous generations have been through as it helps put your own life into perspective.

6) The perfect place to take your family

This museum is great for all ages and can easily be enjoyed by the entire family. In fact, it may even spark some interesting discussions between you and your loved ones.

7) Detroit pride

Detroit has had a rough history but that doesn’t mean that its residents have stopped fighting or loving their city. This museum showcases DETROIT PRIDE in every way possible and it’s definitely worth a visit for that reason alone!

There are so many reasons to visit the Detroit Historical Museum, we can’t possibly mention them all. From interactive exhibits to a delicious Detroiter cafe, this museum has something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the Detroit Historical Museum today! You won’t regret it!

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